Kevin Flaherty

Kevin Flaherty is a mortgage banker with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, and has been committed to helping his clients purchase a home, refinance a home, or determine their mortgage eligibility since 2012.

Kevin was born in Riverside, IL, and is a graduate of Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL, and the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA (Go Hawks!). Coming from a family of four boys, Kevin is used to rolling up his sleeves and getting things done. What sets Kevin apart from other mortgage professionals is that he doesn’t look for the fastest or easiest solution to his clients’ needs. Instead, he takes the extra time and effort to find the best solution for his clients while making sure that it aligns with the future plans they have for their home. That’s why you can always rely on Kevin for smart home financing options and exceptional service.

When Kevin is not working, he enjoys trying a new recipe, reading a good book, and checking out all the amazing things Chicago has to offer. He likes to stay active by riding his bike on the lakefront, and he’s always up for a game of pick-up basketball. Kevin also volunteers for a non-profit Big Sibling organization in Chicago by spending time and working with high school-aged students.

Kevin is honored that people put their trust in him with such a big investment in their lives. He looks forward to working with new clients, finding a solution that works for them, and making sure that he’s there every step of the way. So whether you’re buying your first home, your second home, or your dream home, contact Kevin today!