Kevin was amazing to work with! He went over all of our options with us and gave us plenty of time to decide which one was best for us. He was patient and very knowledgeable. Every question we had was answered quickly and in a manner that we would understand, we were never left guessing. We closed on our refinance easily and in the comfort of our home. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking to get a new mortgage or refinance their existing mortgage.
– Elizabeth G.

My Fiancé and I were buying our first home and Kevin Flaherty with Pacor helped us greatly. The whole process can be pretty stressful (pre-qualified mortgage, offer, negotiation, finding an attorney, finding a mortgage lender, etc.) Kevin made one of the most stressful parts of buying a home very manageable. He is very organized, knowledgeable, and great at what he does. He walked us through the process step by step. Our mortgage was approved on time and everything went smoothly. Plus, Kevin even came to our closing to make sure everything went well!
– Asenath N.

Kevin recently helped my fiancé and I purchase our first condo. We were both new to the homebuying process, and Kevin took time to break down every step in the mortgage process and was able to help us obtain a mortgage in short order, despite an aggressive mortgage contingency period. He walked us through different financing options, downpayment/interest rate scenarios, and helped us take steps to improve our respective credit scores. I’m confident that we received the best rate possible with Kevin, and he even attended our closing to make sure there weren’t any financing issues. I would absolutely use Kevin again for our next home purchase/refinancing.
– Brian N.

My partner and I recently used Kevin for the purchase of our new home. I had a past credit situation that he helped me navigate thru with great success. I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a mortgage. In fact, we will use him again when we purchase our vacation home. Thanks for the great work Kevin!
– Char W.

Kevin was great with helping me refinance my home. I really appreciate working with him on getting my home refinance. The process was stressful to me and maybe him to little but we got the job done. Kevin was thorough during the whole deal. I could call or text him anytime with any questions or concerns..He is a great guy to do business. Thank you Kevin.
– Linda T.

From the beginning, Kevin gave us hope. Having had a past credit situation in my background, I was sure it would kill the whole thing but Kevin immediately informed me that my husband and I could still get a home and that he would show us how. Over the next few months, he guided us through the process explaining which program we could use and which one was not such a good idea. He worked hard for us, making things as simple and easy to understand as possible. Once we finally chose our home, he gave explicit instructions on what we needed and needed to do and explained everything in great detail so we could understand it and all without a hint of sarcasm or disdain and there was never any judgment. By this time we were working with a deadline and needed to get into our new home or be homeless. Kevin just went into overdrive and took care of what needed to be done. I was amazed at his ability to do what he did for us all while enjoying his time off, or taking care of his other clients since it seemed he was only taking care of all the details for our property; that’s how special he made us feel. He made time for any questions and answered them in simple easy to understand language. As much as we had our stressful moments because of the time restriction, Kevin made sure, time and time again, to let us know our closing would happen, on time, and not to worry. In fact, he would be there just to make sure it all went well. I’m sure it was because of Kevin that our closing even happened. Oh sure there was lots of stress but ultimately, it was one of the most positive, rewarding, thrilling experiences we’ve ever had – all because of the skills, dedication, knowledge and, let’s face it…love of his job of one mortgage broker, Kevin Flaherty!
– Beverly D.

Kevin was more integral to our process then anyone. We would have given up had we not had Kevin helping us out down the road of home ownership. His service and knowledge base are as good as you’ll get. I will never use anyone else for any home financing purposes going forward.
– Brendan K.

Kevin was excellent to work with. I have nothing but positive things to say about him & our experience. My husband & I had never been through a refinance before & Kevin walked us through every step. He was available after 5:00 p.m. so my husband was able to speak with him on the phone. That was important to us. A majority of our correspondence was done in email & he was extremely prompt in responding. Thanks for your hard work!
– Julie J.

I recently used Kevin when refinancing my FHA loan. Kevin personally reached out to me and let me know that the FHA had recently lowered their mortgage insurance premiums. By refinancing with Kevin, not only was I able to lower my mortgage insurance payment, but I was also able to lower my interest rate. The combination of a lower mortgage insurance payment and a lower interest rate saved me $300 per month on my monthly mortgage payment. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Kevin and I highly recommend him when getting a mortgage.
– Bob Z.

Kevin was great to work with for the refinance of our home. He was always available to answer our questions and was extremely helpful throughout the process. I would definitely recommend working with Kevin if you are purchasing or refinancing a home!
– Katie V.

Kevin was very helpful in guiding me through the enormous amount of details involved with first time home buying, mortgages in general, and VA home loans. He was always willing to take a phone call to ask questions and worked with my realtor to make sure we were on the right track. He was also open to negotiation when I found more competitive rates but I really wanted to give my business to the most resourceful and helpful person I had found.
– Adam B.